January 2020, I'm going to start my rollercoaster journey of persuing Masters of Science in Computer Science from the renowned Georgia Institute of Technology. Join me on this to find out where this takes us. Below you'll find the courses that I take and my reviews and tips for the same. In the next section, "Blogs", I will document checkpoints along the journey and will most likely be related to any course or term.

Course List

Here I'll list the courses that I take for a particular term. Visit each term to see the details. More details coming soon.
Term Course Grade
2020 Spring Graduate Intro to Operating Systems
2020 Summer Human-Computer Interaction
2020 Fall High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA)
2021 Summer Artificial Intelligence for Robotics (AI4R)
2021 Fall Machine Learning for Trading (ML4T)
Machine Learning (ML)


While FAQs, and many other free resources are out there in the web, from YouTube, blogs to Reddit, it can easlity become overwhelming for a new student. If you need further 1-1 counselling, feel free to get in touch at OMSCS Admission Counselling. I would be happy to guide to in this journey at a nominal cost.


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