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31 December 2019

I am quitting my job!

After four and a half years of working at Visa, I decided to take a little break. I have been very excited to start the course and with my current resonsibilities at the work place and my fragile health, devoting 20 hours of study a week did not quite add up in my schedule. So come January end, I’ll pack up and head home!

The Pros

  1. I can devote all my attention to the coursework, evaluate for myself how much work it is for me.
  2. Focus on my health and get rid of some bad habits I had acquired over the years.
  3. Spend some quality family time. (I am super homesick!)
  4. A short relief from the bustle of scrum calls, turnovers, bug bash, production issues. A span of calm and mental peace.

The Cons

  1. Financial instability. I have some savings, and will have to start digging into those to sustain for the time I will be unemployed. (I hope that it will be short span, not longer than the Spring term.)
  2. I’ll lose the freedom of staying alone!
  3. Negotiating salary for the next job will be tougher.
  4. Some people will judge me.

“How do I feel?”, you ask. To be honest, I am a little scared. Maybe not as much as flying into the unknown, where no human has ever been! At the same time, I am quite excited to be back in an environment where I can dedicate my full time on education. Back in college, we used to be bogged down with assignments, lab reports, midterms, semesters, but in retrospection, that was a much simpler life! Over the years, more of my hairs have lost its natural black colour, and I am just 27.

The last few weeks of 2019, I spent re-evaluating my priorities. I am looking forward to the new classes, old home, hopefully, a new job, and maybe a new city. Let’s see how 2020 turn up to be.

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”