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Course Details: https://omscs.gatech.edu/mgt-6311-digital-marketing
Course Review: https://omscentral.com/courses/MGT-6311/reviews

Reading Reference

eMarketing - The Essential Guide to Marketing in a Digital World

Recommended Prerequisites

Nada! There is no coding, and majority of the class is based on basic common sense. You will need to watch the videos and skim through the recommended texts during the class. It becomes common sense once you have gone through the material, so if someone claims you can pass the class without the lectures/reading, I’ll take that with much more than a grain of salt.


Almost every week you have something or the other due. There are two kinds of assignments, listed below:

Weekly Mini Case Discussions

These are based on the book, and you will have to write short answers to the questions and give feedback to at least one of your classmate’s response. While the deadlines for these are skewed - Thursdays for your response and Sunday for feedback, I recommend you closing this in one sitting to save time and prevent context switching. There are total 9 of these, and you get the best of 8. This contributes 20% of the score.

Major Case Reflections

You’ll need to purchase this section. It is priced at around $20.00 (₹1,700.00). These are 8-12 page papers and you have 5 of these. You’ll have to write responses (more elaborate than mini case discussions) based on the papers and external resource if required. It often involves some Excel based calculations - make sure to show your work by including a snapshot of the table. This contributes 20% of the score.


There are 2 closed everything exams. If you are decently prepared, you’ll be done in about half the time. Do review the lectures and skim through the book. The exams contribute 30% each to the final score. There is no curve, and you’ll need 90+ for an A.

Learning outcome and application